The tailor-made catering

Institutional catering

Eat better, every day

In order to eat well in company restaurants but also in the education or medical sectors, we put our know-how at the service of institutional catering professionals.

Our services

To transform each project into a unique experience,
we offer our clients tailor-made services and personalized follow-up
according to their constraints and their needs.


The quality of catering in schools is essential to educate children and teenagers to new tastes. Whether the food is produced locally or in a centralized unit, the constraints are varied, but the issues are the same: understanding children's tastes and teaching them the importance of a balanced diet.


Healthcare facilities face many issues in adapting meals to the needs of each individual: diets, autonomy, length of stay... Offering a varied, balanced and tasty diet for each type of patient is a daily and essential challenge that has to be met.

Business & Industry

Company restaurants must offer their guests balanced and quality meals at reasonable prices. The challenge for this sector is to offer a healthy, comforting and gourmet break: a maximum of fresh products with a minimum of redundancy, while adapting to new consumption patterns.

Clubs and top management tables

Aimed at large groups' management teams, these places are the high-end of corporate catering. To meet the needs of an exclusive and demanding clientele, it is crucial to regularly change the menu and be able to deal with any type of claim. These tables can be used as a tool for valuing employees as well as sales representation.

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