The tailor-made catering

Commercial catering

Ducasse Conseil helps you optimize your performance

From neighborhood bistros to awarded restaurants, from a snacking concept to a traditional brasserie, we bring our expertise to catering professionals from all horizons to optimize their offer and exceed their customers' expectations.

Our services

To transform each project into a unique experience,
we offer our clients tailor-made services and personalized follow-up
according to their constraints and their needs.

Bistros / Brasseries

Bistros and brasseries serve large volumes of dishes and offer a wide range of food at any time of the day. Organization of the kitchen and service, pricing as well as prime cost management are essential (supplies, food cost, human resources ...).

Fine dining restaurants

Gourmet restaurants face an increasingly exclusive and demanding clientele. It is essential to perpetually strive for excellence in order to stand out from the competition and offer an innovative and frequently renewed cuisine.

Takeaway food

As lunch breaks shorten from year to year, takeaway catering meets a growing need to eat quickly. It aims to offer a healthier offer adapted to everyone's diet while being innovative. Product selection and production processes are key issues in managing costs while offering the highest quality possible.

New concepts

Catering must constantly adapt to our society's consumption patterns. Creating innovative concepts is a good way to attract a clientele looking for something new. However, it must be ensured that the concept created can be deployed, develop customer loyalty and that its success is not solely due to a passing fad.

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