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National Centre for Space Studies

Some DUCASSE Conseil recipes up in space

Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales

The partnership between National Centre for Space Studies (CNES), the European Space Agency (ESA) and DUCASSE Conseil is aimed to create a full range of tasty, healthy and nutritious meals for astronauts, according to the specific food manufacturing constraints aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

CNES - Notre mission

Our mission

The dishes were tested in extreme conditions such as polar trips. They are packaged in boxes of aluminum alloy and very light manganese that adapt to the reheating system of the ISS.

  • On board catering
  • ISS (400 km away from Earth)
  • Since 2004
  • Creation of a food offer

Our approach

Food production in collaboration with Hénaff

In order to better meet CNES's requirements and international space agencies, DUCASSE Conseil partnered with Hénaff, which has recognized expertise in the development and production of heat-sterilized dishes. The aim is to preserve the recipes' taste and nutritional properties to allow astronauts enjoy good food, with all the biological security required.

Creation of adapted recipes

With DUCASSE Conseil, recipes change from everyday life and tasteless freeze-dried dishes. Nutritional intakes are precisely known to help astronauts aboard ISS manage their energy needs.

Acknowledgment of rules and constraints

Food production is subject to very strict rules and constraints that require conditions of impeccable hygiene and according to specific procedures: perfect microbiological results ("zero bacteria"), low rate of humidity, no crumbs that could be inhaled, etc.

Our proposition


individual dishes prepared in 2017


recipes created by DUCASSE Conseil

Examples of dishes

Lamb shoulder confit with sage and pearl barley, Brittany lobster and organic quinori with seaweed and lemon condiment, Scottish salmon, sundried tomatoes and grilled eggplants, Beef bourguignon, carrots and mushrooms

Thanks to the excellence of our internationally recognized partners, we now have all the necessary ingredients to send these dishes to the International Space Station and allow French culture to be present and appreciated beyond the earth's atmosphere.

Lionel Suchet

Deputy Director of the CNES


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