The tailor-made catering

Hôtel-Restaurant Le Montrachet

A mission in the heart of Burgundy

Hôtel-Restaurant Le Montrachet

For over 10 years, the DUCASSE Conseil teams have been supporting the 4 star-hotel Le Montrachet, located in Puligny-Montrachet, in its move upmarket.

Montrachet - Mission

Our mission

In a process of continuous improvement of its offer, Le Montrachet has been working closely with DUCASSE Conseil since 2010 to work on the food offer and the improvement of cost management

  • Hotel catering
  • Puligny-Montrachet, France
  • 2010 - 2021
  • Optimization of existing catering offers
    Economic and operational performance
    Team training

Our approach

Immersion of Montrachet's pastry teams in DUCASSE Paris restaurants

Dumps are regularly organized in some of the DUCASSE Paris restaurants in order to deepen the brigade's knowledge and carry on their training. During these observation days, the Montrachet teams have the opportunity to discuss with the chef of the restaurant and gather information on cooking techniques or new original products.

Assistance in cooking organization and task anticipation

DUCASSE Conseil gives operational solutions to the chef and his brigade to optimize and anticipate the tasks of each member, for a better fluidity during service times.

Support of the kitchen team in the design of the different menus

In order to maintain the restaurant's quality, DUCASSE Conseil supports the kitchen brigade in the creation of new recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. Products, tastes, cooking techniques, dressing: all aspects of a dish are reviewed and corrected if needed. One of our chefs is present at the final tasting and gives critical and constructive advice on the presented dishes.

Assistance in recruitment

Our team can take part in the selection of appropriate candidates, attend the interviews and give an opinion on the quality and the relevance of the application.

The Montrachet faces the classical operational challenges of an independent restaurant: strong variations of activity, punctual supply problems, difficulty to renew the offer. We are committed to providing the teams with concrete solutions in the long run, capitalizing on its DNA and the quality of its location, in the heart of some of the most beautiful wine estates in Burgundy.

Jérôme Lacressonnière

Director DUCASSE Conseil

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