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Elior Education

Learning to eat healthily

Elior, the leader of institutional catering in France and partner of DUCASSE Conseil, wanted to strenghthen the culinary identity of its education market (from nursery school to university) by changing its positioning. We helped them improve the nutritional balance, the taste quality and the environmental respect but also create a culinary label meeting their quality and taste criteria.

Elior - Mission

Our mission

The DUCASSE Conseil teams were asked to create recreational recipes, train the teams in the mass production kitchens and write dish presentation tutorials.

  • Institutional catering
  • France
  • Since 2016
  • Support in the creation of the food offer
    Economic and operational performance
    Team training

Our approach

Creation of new culinary processes

It was decided to make only homemade stocks, use rice flour for hot sauces and juices, cook fish with scented oils, and cook all the sautéed meat with an aromatic garnish.

Recipe creation

DUCASSE Conseil participated in the creation of recipes respecting the quantities, the cost ranges as well as the operational and material constraints. These recipes had to be "fun" to limit waste and encourage children to eat well.

Customized trainings in 15 Elior mass production kitchens in France

Our chef consultants visited fifteen central kitchens across France to train the teams in the newly created culinary processes and recipes and check the production methods and the products used.

Tutorials for employees working in school pantries

Our teams wrote a guide with the rules and steps of carving and presentation, illustrated with step-by-step pictures and final presentations. Subsequently, they created and recorded a video tutorial to support teams working in school pantries.

Our proposition


mass production kitchens visited


recipes created


production managers trained since 2 years

Thanks to this long-term partnership, we are reconciling large scale production and excellence. It is our way to contribute to the education of taste with less salt, less sugar, less fat and less animal proteins.

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