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Mind-distracting food for the elderly

With nearly 800 retirement home in 12 countries, ORPEA is the leader of the European market. Contacted by the group's top management, we supported the teams by visiting 36 homes in Paris and south of France. Wishing to maintain consistent quality, our team created new recipes and teaching aids and regularly trains ORPEA's chefs in our training centres or on-site.

ORPEA - Mission

Our mission

The DUCASSE Conseil teams were asked to train ORPEA chefs in culinary fundamentals and modified textures. Each season, they create new Sunday and festive recipes to brighten up the menus of the elderly. The collaboration has been lasting for 2 years; the new created recipes are now broadcast on all sites through video tutorials so that each cook can improve his/her techniques.

  • Institutional catering
  • France
  • Since 2016
  • Improvement of the food offer
    Team training

Our approach

Creation of video recipes

To perfect the technical level of the kitchen teams and better grasp our creations, our chef consultants created 45 30-second video tutorials, each explaining the steps of the new recipes created.

Customized support of each of the on-site chefs

Our chef consultants visited the kitchens of the trained chefs in order to analyze their operational issues and to provide them with concrete and easy-to-implement solutions

Training of ORPEA chefs in our centres

The ORPEA chefs were trained on the content of the customised pedagogical handbooks.

Creation of a pedagogical handbook

We provided ORPEA teams with a pedagogical handbook and guided them on the culinary fundamentals and techniques as well as on the organization and optimization of their daily production.

Our proposition


modified textures recipes created


recipes created


tutorial videos created

This partnership with DUCASSE Conseil ensures our commitment to quality and our common desire to make "Nutrition and Pleasure" rhyme to promote the well-being of our residents.

Jean-Sébastien MULLIEZ

ORPEA F&B director

Elior Enseignement

Elior Education, Learning to eat healthily


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